Next-Gen Ecommerce Development Company

At Xpecto®, we offer scalable online e-Commerce solutions across all electronic platforms. Leveraging our experience in top-notch quality design and development, our team offers you cost-effective online storefronts development along with aesthetic infrastructure.

E-Commerce Services We Provide

As one of the leading eCommerce development companies in India, with us, you get the privilege of receiving the most creative, productive and high functioning Online Store Solutions.

Customized eCommerce Development

After years of experience and knowledge, we now can provide you with customized, measurable, secure and mobile-friendly eCommerce website applications.

QA and Testing

With the help of most skilled QA Testers, your eCommerce website is put through several cycles of quality assurance, from the starting of the project to the very end. This way, you can be assured that your website is bugfree and runs swiftly like a horse.

Technology Consulting

We provide you your own team of dedicated and hard-working individuals who also provide technology consulting for the implementation of the perfect technology stack and tactful system architecture.

Conduct Monitoring and Surveillance

The eCommerce website development service we provide also includes analyzing the conduct of your online store, along with ironclad security surveillance for maximum assurance.

eCommerce Support and Management

We aim to provide every luxury to our prestigious clients, that's why in addition to the eCommerce website development, we also provide all-rounded support and maintenance.

Migration and Improvement

Even for the migration from one online platform to other, or for upgrading your present platform version, our experts are always there at your command.

Verticals Of eCommerce Web Development

Listed among the best, our eCommerce website development company serves a wide array of business verticals that include:


With the fabrication of B2B & B2C Marketplaces, we bring distributers, vendors, and consumers under the same roof for the trading of different goods and services. This enables in a more lucrative business.


Our team can develop e-Auction sites using simple auction apps to a highly extensible platform composing many users


Having automation of routine billing tasks and encrypted transaction processing, the shopping carts developed by us are secure, reliable and high-functioning.


Our eCommerce developers create P2P buying platforms along with installing modules for social shopping so that our esteemed clients can have the best quality result.


Applications built by us are automated with B2B, B2C and B2G acquisition process.

Relish The Devoted eCommerce Development Team of Xpecto

Whether you want ISVs, Agencies or SMEs, our devoted team of eCommerce development proves always to be the right choice. You get many benefits while working with us. Some of the many are listed below:

  • More than 6 years of average experience

  • Every developer is assigned according to the needs of the project

  • Strictly followed NDAs

  • Receive results before the deadline

  • Malleable engagement on a full-time or hourly basis

  • A technical lead is in charge of supervising your project

  • Intricate work timesheet is provided via project management tools

Why we're the appropriate choice for eCommerce development company

Xpecto solutions are ranked among the best due to the following USPs:

  • 01

    Analyzing needs

    We begin every project with a thorough analysis of the project needs. We figure out the scope, classification and requirements of the project. This enables us to generate the best possible web app development solution, exclusively for you.

  • 02

    Adequately Designed eCommerce website

    Alluring web pages are the foundation of drawing eyes of your potential customers. We provide you with the latest, eye-catching as well as easy-to-use designs.

  • 03

    Mobile-Friendly Website

    The web apps we provide you are equipped with custom theme, function-rich plugins and mobile-friendly user interface. Our web app is highly functional and responsive. Greatest deal you can get, isn't it?

  • 04

    Sharp performance and swift speed

    Our developed websites are equipped with features like, getting loaded within 3 seconds, shows super speed, boosts your conversions and helps in achieving high Google rankings.

  • 05

    Advanced Security & Adaptability

    The protection of our client's data is our number one priority. Therefore, we employ advanced security procedures like security plugins, data encryption, secure admin dashboard etc. Our web app is made to adapt in every environment.

  • 06

    Complete SEO

    With conspicuous codes, user-friendly design, responsive and advanced navigation systems, we make sure that search engines can easily crawl in your site.


Engagement Models

Every business needs are special, thus we provide unique engagement models to meet the diverse business needs.

DRM or Dedicated Resource Model

Under this model, dedicated infrastructure along with skilled personnel are assigned to work on your project. If you wish to have a total control over the development process and you don't wish to get in the complications of hiring an employee, this is the model you should seek.

  • No hidden charges
  • Monthly billing
  • pay only for the work done

Fixed Time & Fixed Price

It's a very low-risk model. We decide the expected results along with the timeline. After deciding the scope of the project, we fix the price. If you have requirements which are unlikely to change and if you have a definite timeline, then this is the model you must choose.

  • Expected results
  • No hidden costs
  • Milestone based billing
  • Fixed timeline

Ecommerce Development Procedure

Listing the requirements

Clients contact and share the project need, we review your project and revert you with the next 24 hours.

Selecting the desired model and timeline

Based on our analysis, our experts give you the most suited recommendations for the project and you choose the desired model and preferred timeline. We also fix the amount of money we'll charge for your project.

Project initiation and Delivery

After your approval, the assigned team begins your project will complete devotion and hard work. We also compete and deliver your project within the assigned timeline.